House. Ca. 1940

677 Pine Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980

Two-story Colonial Revival house with a painted stretcher brick-veneer frame first story and a weatherboarded second story. The irregular massing of the house is reflected in a complex gabled roofline. The front entry stoop has a lattice trellis-like character with an urn motif in the trellis. A larger wraparound porch has rectangular brick pillars, wood posts, and segmental-arched spans. Other features include an exterior brick end chimney, a jettied front wing with bulbous pendant, a gable dormer, a round window in the gable over the wraparound porch, and double-hung sash windows. A picket fence extends along Pine; a picket fence and stone retaining wall extend along Fifteenth; and a stone wall extends along the alley.

Garage. Ca. 1940.
Architecturally coordinated with the house, one-story, painted brick and weatherboarded frame construction, asphalt-shingled gable roof, limestone foundation, wood panel door, and small windows.

National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form 2/4/02